Super Bowl ad has leaked. The ad starring Lil Wayne and Jeff Goldblum is rasing a few eyebrows thanks to the use of George Washington and The Jefferson‘s theme song.

In the ad, actor Jeff Goldblum sings the theme song from The Jeffersons as he sits at a piano that is being airlifted to a “Deluxe Apartment in the Sky.” But along the way, he looks into a window and says “Wait a minute, is that George and Weezy?” and instead of sitcom characters George and Louise Jefferson, Goldblum sees George Washington and Lil Wayne.

Many believe the play on words depicts George Washington — a well-documented slave owner being “served” by Lil Wayne, who is working a barbecue grill and find it offensive.

“What are you cooking there, Weez?” Goldblum asks Lil Wayne in the ad, playing off his “Weezy” nickname.

“I’m just flame-broiling some burgers,” he replies, tossing a football to George Washington.

“And grilling some beans, my good man,” Washington adds.

The second ad shows Wayne and Washington hanging out, and Washington exchanges his “wooden” teeth for a set of grills. Historically, schools have taught us that George Washington’s teeth were made of wood, but in actuality is fake teeth were made of metal and the teeth of his slaves.

TMZ quotes a source close to the rapper who says the ad is “meant to be funny and silly and not the least bit offensive,” adding “people need to calm down.”

Watch both commercials below and leave your thoughts.

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