With the release of Kanye’s album just days away, he took to Twitter to announce that the album may have a secret new title. Kanye has been taking us around the block with the name changing. From So Help Me God to SWISH to WAVES and now it may be none of the above. Minutes after he sent the initial tweet about the possible name change, he tweets boasting about the fact that he got “10,000 retweets in a half a second”.

Despite all of Kanye’s Twitter activity, he has done a great job with keeping his album secret. We don’t know much at this point, even the track listing he released wasn’t to clear, except the album release concert and Yeezy 3 event a Madison Square Garden in NYC on Thursday. He also has been seen in the studio with 2 Chainz, Andre 3000, Kid Cudi, Diddy, Chance the Rapper, A$AP Rocky and more. But we don’t know who is there for moral support and who is there working on the album. Guess we will find out on Thursday. As for Kanye, keep tweeting #facts.

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