Ciara has finally had it with Future’s outlandish behavior — going on interviews and speaking badly about her, and the occasional Twitter rant. The “I Bet” singer is suing the father of her child for $15 million with counts of slander and libel. She wants all his tweets, that are in reference to her, deleted. And she also wants him restricted from talking about private family matters, especially regarding Baby Future.

In the suit, Ciara states several events where Future attacked her for being a bad mother and spoke badly about her relationship with Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson. In one interview, Future spoke about the infamous picture of Wilson pushing Baby Future in a stroller:

She probably set him [Russell] up. You letting them catch that photo. Leave my son out of all the publicity stunts.

Ciara also states in the suit that she does not prevent Future from seeing their son, as he makes it out to be. There has apparently been at least 19 visitations (some spanning several days) since December 2014 between Future and Baby Future.

Watch out the video below where a process server proceeded to serve Fuure with the lawsuit. Future never got out of his SUV while being served.

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Source: TMZ

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