Just this past Sunday(Feb.7) one of the biggest nights in football took place and one of the biggest stars of our time, Beyonce, stole the night. The self-proclaimed diva flawlessly put on a performance that many will never forget.

Whether it’s been good or bad commentary, folks have social media and talk shows in a blaze over the ‘Formation’ singer’s thought provoking performance. As Beyonce took to the 50-yard line with an army of leather clad dancers, donning tilted barets and fro manes behind her, viewers could not help to realize the wardrobe display as a direct homage to the Black Panther Party. Obviously, that followed with negative remarks and people, including current and past political figures, misinterpreting the performance.

Former Mayor of NYC Rudolph Giuliani sat with “Fox & Friends” and expressed his views on the ‘Diva’ singer’s half time show, stating it was an “attack” on police officers and toward “Middle America.”

Several even went on to question why she allegedly choose to highlight the Black Panther Party during her performance; calling it, inappropriate, ill-suited and racist. Furthermore, an unidentified organizer has begun planning an ‘Anti-Beyonce Protest Rally’ around the NFL Headquarters. The rally organizers are claiming their reason for protesting is because Beyonce’s performance was a “race-baiting stunt” that glorified the Black Panthers.

Although deemed by J. Edgar Hoover as  “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country” we decided to school you on a few reasons why Beyonce probably choose to honor the revolutionary organization, which was formed in 1966.  The Black Panther Party has definitely contributed to our society in many ways, check out some knowledge below.

  1. The Free Breakfast for School Children Program began in January 1969 at St. Augustine’s Church in Oakland, California. This program became so popular that by the end of the year, the Panthers set up kitchens in cities across the nation, feeding over 10,000 children every day before they went to school. Versions of the free breakfast program still exist current day, in tandem with other nutritional programs satisfying the same principles.
  2. They created and followed a Ten-Point Program which provided for guaranteed housing, income, and jobs for black people.
  3. Women involved in the Black Panther Party served as the backbone for the effort behind the People’s Free Medical Centers (PFMC). These health clinics were set up in 13 cities across the country, from Cleveland to New Haven, Connecticut; Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to Los Angeles.

So if you happen to be the token black person at work listening to bs or you just need to check somebody really quickly with straight facts, these three points will certainly assist in that effort. After all, Beyonce is a black woman who just wanted to celebrate Black History during Black History Month… or nah?





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