If it hasn’t become clear yet, the system is trying to make an example of GS9 – particularly their stars, Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel.

After several of bail denials and plea deal rejections, Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel were set to start trial on Feb. 22nd, but now that seemed to change and the trial is starting much later than expected.

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XXL is reporting only two of the men arrested with Shmurda on December 17, 2014 will see a judge at the end of this month. Bobby – born Ackquille Pollard – Chad Marshall (“Rowdy Rebel”), Nicolas McCoy (“Montana Flea” or “Monty”) and Santino Boderick (“Cueno”) are now set to begin their trial May 11.

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Bobby and the GS9 members who were arrested in Dec. 2014 have been in jail over 400 days. Just last month Bobby Shmurda denied bail for the seventh time.

Source: XXL

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