After a record-breaking 2015, Fetty Wap has become one of the most interesting people in entertainment. Recently he sat down with Interview magazine and he was interviewed by super fan/Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah to talk about adulthood, RGF productions, his children and riding bikes. Check out a few excerpts below.

On taking care of his family after being estranged from them for years:

FETTY WAP: “I mean, after the years of me trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself, I knew I had to go back and fix some things. I can’t just be super-rich or whatever and not do the right thing.”

TREVOR NOAH: “Meaning take care of your family?”

FETTY: “Yeah. My mom, my father, my little sisters, and my brother—I don’t got that much family. I’m not really a family person. I just do my own thing. But I’ve just been spending time with my mom, especially since the [September motorcycle] accident happened. I drive all the way down there to Georgia just to check up on her. You just get tired of being that person that you thought you were. I don’t feel no different. I see the music, because I made it. I don’t really see the fame.”

On his bike accident:

NOAH: “What bikes do you ride? I actually used to race bikes on the track.”

FETTY: “My accident was on, I think, a Suzuki? It was a little big, and it was my first time riding. I ride dirt bikes. I was like, “Oh, shit, I think I like this motorcycle thing.” So I bought a motorcycle. And then I was riding to go see my son, and somebody in their car … It was as if they were trying to hit me. I hit the brake, and the bike slid, and as the impact came, I jumped off the bike, and that’s how I saved myself.”

NOAH: “Damn. Yeah, I’ve had three bike accidents. It’s a weird moment when it’s happening, because it happens so quickly. You don’t even realize you’re hurt.”

FETTY: “It feels fake. Like, you blink, and then everything looks different.”

NOAH: “You’re still going to ride, though?”

FETTY: “Yeah.”

On his kids:

NOAH: What are your dreams for your kids? Because I assume they’ll have a world of opportunities that you never had.

FETTY: “Most parents have college funds and things. I don’t. I call myself the “hood daddy.” I got their money in cash, stashed up. I don’t have plans for my kids. I just want them to be happy. I ain’t going to lie: I was happy, man. Me and my sisters and my brother was mad cool. We all did the music thing. My dad had the keys to the church, so we would go over there and jam. So I just want my kids to have fun the right way. I want their type of trouble to be, like, “Aw, Dad, I locked the keys in the car.” I don’t want to hear about, ‘Oh, my friend just got shot.'”

NOAH: “Now, does that mean living in another area, or does that mean having access to a different type of life?”

FETTY: “Both, really. If the mothers want to stay there, I can’t stop that. But as the children get older and know what they want … We all grew up at one point.”

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