On Sunday, preacher and Hollywood film executive, DeVon Franklin and his wife, actress Meagan Good visited One Church LA to promote their co-authored book, “The Wait.” The book details information about the couple’s personal journey of celibacy and waiting for the one who is truly meant for you.

After being interviewed by good friend and pastor of One Church LA, Touré Roberts about the book, he opened it up to the audience for the Q&A portion of the event. One woman, in particular, took to telling her personal anecdote about her thoughts about Meagan and then preceded to publicly humiliate and ask her about her wardrobe choices.

The woman suggested that Meagan’s attire is not that of a Christian woman and asked her, “We’re going to cover up, right?” DeVon quickly shut that down and stood up for his wife. Check out his amazing and timely response below:


#RelationshipGoals or nah?

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Source: Blavity

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