Clive Davis’s annual Pre Grammy party is probably more legendary then the Grammy Awards. All of the A-list stars are always in attendance, so of course Dj Khaled had to bless the red carpet and drop some new major keys.

Dj Khaled would be the best life coach. On his snapchat he’s constantly giving keys to success and inspirational but funny posts. The new key that he told Complex News on Clive Davis’s Pre Grammy Party’s red carpet was the “secure your bag alert.” Apparently, this alert means to check your bag to make sure it’s secure before you do something crazy.

Dj Khaled Gives Some Major Keys On The Daily Show!

Some notable comments from other people on the red carpet were Howard Stern’s favorite emoji being the eggplant and Lana Del Ray disagreeing that it goes down in the dm, but instead it goes down in the text.

Watch the full video below.

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Source: Complex

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