Last night, Kendrick decided to perform a few tracks off his award winning album To Pimp A Butterfly, along with a new track. However, CBS decided to censor a few of his lyrics and even cut out an entire line of his song “Alright” where he raps, “Diggin’ in my pocket, ain’t a profit big enough to feed you.” CBS replied to an email to Fader that:

“An instance of profanity was deleted during Kendrick Lamar’s performance of ‘Alright.’”

When asked to elaborate on the lyrics, the rep simply said “fuck.” Then, went on to say that he sang the lyric as “Diggin’ in my pocket ain’t a profit ‘fuck it’ big enough to feed you.”

Also, Kendrick changed the lyrics in “Alright” to “I’m at the preacher’s door/Wanna kill us dead at the preacher’s door/We said give em so mo’, this one time/Do it for the show/But we gon’ be alright.,” Geraldo Rivera gave his negative interpretation of the song, and Kendrick replied stating:

“How can you turn a song about hope and turn it into hatred?”

Of course, someone is always going to have something negative about a young black man changing the world with just his music and making a huge impact. People should focus on his positive message and all the good he’s done instead of nit-picking at his lyrics.

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