The 70’s classic TV show Good Times might very well be turning into a movie. The surviving cast members of the hit show that ran on CBS from 1974-1979 has taken to Kickstarter and launched a campaign to help pump life into turning the series into a movie.

The show, was a spin-off of the show, Maude, which was a spin-off from All In The Family. (Spin off shows were clearly all the rage back then.) Thought to be fashioned after the infamous Cabrini-Green projects, John Amos and the late Esther Rolle played James and Florida Evans. The breakout star of the show, Jimmie Walker, shined in his role as J.J. Evans.

Reported by Deadline

The original cast of Norman Lear’s groundbreaking 1970s sitcom Good Times has taken to Kickstarter to fund an original movie the includes the same characters. The Original Good Times Cast Movie brings together all the original stars (sans Esther Rolle, who died in 1998). The project, which Jimmie “Dyn-o-mite” Walker calls a docu-drama-comedy, is being done to give fans closure on what happened to Lear’s fictional Chicago family. The cast is doing this together outside of rights owner Sony, saying that they are not infringing on the copyright or trademark.

“In the case of Good Times there is going to be a comparison, but it’s not an infringement of copyright,” said Shaun Weiss, who is the attorney for both BernNadette Stanis (who played Thelma in the TV show) and the project. Kevin Fontana is her manager. “What we are doing is bringing a new era into the cast. The characters have never been copyrighted or trademarked,” said Weiss.

The cast has since raised $4,000 of the $1 million dollar goal, if you like to help donate check out the Kickstarter.

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