The always outspoken rapper Kevin Gates has found himself in yet another controversy. During an interview with radio station 106KMEL, Gates was asked about his opinion on Stacey Dash’s idea of getting rid of BET and her identifying as an American instead of African American. Gates then said what no black person has dared to do yet– he agreed.

He also weighed in on the Black Lives Matter movement stating that #AllLivesMatter and saying that “picking up a sign won’t change anything.”

He also brought to light some of his run-ins with the police and said that the police acted appropriately because he was acting like an “informant n*igger” and he was “belligerent.” He continued on to say how his appearance, referencing his tattoos and clothing, fit the description of what society deems as a threat. He also stated that whenever he treated the police with respect, that is what he received back.

It is clear that Gates is misinformed about the Black Lives Matter movement and it also appears that he may not watch the news as their have been several cases of the police acting out of line when it came to people of color. An example, Tamir Rice who was 13 when police shot him dead within seconds of arriving to the scene. Rice didn’t even have time to act “belligerent” or like an “ignorant n*igger” before he was gunned down and that is just one example out hundreds. His run-ins with the police do not speak for those lives who were taken unjustly by a police officer.

Watch what Gates had to say below and then speak your mind in the comments.

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