Weeks after Yasiin Bey, the rapper formerly known as Mos Def, announced, via a freestyle rap on Kanye West’s website that he would be retiring from music, he received a new gig. The former rapper is now entering the fashion world as the new creative director for South African based clothing company called Unknown Union.

Bey, who has taken up residence in South Africa since 2013 help to oversee new design concepts and collaborations. Jason Storey, CEO and founder of Unknown Union had this to say, in a statement on the website, about bringing former rapper on board:

I feel honored to work with individuals equally passionate about discovering and responding to the knowledge and wisdom conveyed through art, culture and the living traditions of generations past and present. We’ve definitely embarked upon an inspiring venture, and we look forward to sharing what we learn along the way.

Just last month, Bey was got into some trouble with the Cape Town International Airport. According to the agency, he was “violating local immigration laws while trying to leave the country” because he was traveling with a World Passport as opposed to a visa or U.S. passport.

Congrats Yasiin!

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Source: Essence


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