It’s evident that it takes time, diligence and a lot of patience to put a dynamic body of work like The Life of Pablo together. From the list of uncovered tracks surfacing its easy to understand how many changes one track can go through before an artist feels like it is perfect. Dealing with a mastermind like Kanye the five demo tracks plus the three new tracks for this project that surfaced today illustrate all the switches, alterations and rearrangements made until he felt like he got it right. It’s amazing to see where it began and what it turned into.

For beginners “FML” began with vocals from Travis Scott and from there it only gets better. “Waves” is a compilation and diversity of a series of tracks namely, “Wolves,” “Fade,”Highlights,” and “Famous.” Who knew you could stretch one song and so many different directions pushing out new sounds.

A few new jewels for your listening pleasure feature The-Dream and Bon Iver in “Fall Out of Heaven,” sampling a few lyrics that were moved to the final version of “Famous.” The other two tracks “New Angels” and the Swizz Beat collabo, “The Mind Is Powerful” resonated the sound and tonality of 808s and Heartbreak. Together these eight tracks could have been another body of work on it’s on.

Not sure how Ye or his team feel about the leak, but those who can’t stop listening to The Life of Pablo already are definitely here for these new sonic discoveries. Click here to check them out.

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