It’s been proven that brand resonance with consumers is at it’s best when tied to a celebrity and who better than the iconic ‘bad gal RiRi.’

Puma was on the brink of something colossal when they deemed the Roc Nation princess, Rihanna as their women’s creative director. Since then there’s been a major shift in demand and popularity among their market thus boosting sales in a major way. Fans began raving over ‘creeper sneaker’ and now unfolds the Fenty x Puma line which Rihanna recently unveiled at New York Fashion Week.

Bloomberg reported that Puma’s fourth quarter reports went above and beyond when sales rocketed 17.1 percent since announcing their collaboration with Rihanna. In turn their fourth quarter earnings hit so close to home to roughly about $975 million.

Bjorn Gulden, Puma CEO declared, “She [Rihanna] can sell sneakers and Puma is onto something here which we haven’t seen yet in the women’s area.”

This is a truly a match made in heaven for the company who hasn’t experienced a spark like this in years. All it took was a sneaker to ignite the flame into a full brand/clothing collaboration. Based on last year’s fourth quarter earnings we can anticipate that Fenty x Puma will fly off the walls once fans are able to get their hands on the new apparel.

In conclusion, if Rihanna’s name is on it then it’s bound to do numbers.

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