One New York police officer took matters into his own hands once he noticed a pattern in the way officers with the opportunity of being promoted was being held back. Officer Edwin Raymond a decelerated cop with the NYPD has been up for a promotion a few times, but every time he was placed in front of his higher ranking officers for a hearing he was being shot down for his raise.

In an attempt to reconnect with the African American and Hispanic communities, the NYPD was promoting minorities to higher ranks to help bridge the gap with the communities. Officer Raymond was one of 11 officers who have since filed suit against the nation’s largest police force. Raymond who was up for a sergeant position is now a plaintiff and is fighting for equal rights within the department.

In what he calls ‘‘inherently racist’’ policy Raymond was receiving evaluations from his commanding officers that he found unfair. So it prompted him for the next 2 years to record almost a dozen officials up and down the chain of command in what he says is an attempt to change the daily practices of the New York Police Department. claiming that these tactics contradict the department’s rhetoric about the arrival of a new era of fairer, smarter policing.

Joining 11 other officers who in August of 2015 filed a class action suit on behalf of minority officers throughout the force. The suit centers on what they claim is one of the fundamental policies of the New York Police Department.

Documented in a New York Times article that gives full details on the investigation work Raymond has done and shedding light on a system that not in only the eyes of a average New Yorkers but through the eyes of a cop that seen the corruption first hand.

About The Author Jay Raw

Born and raised in the county of Kings.

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