The Fetty Wap, Masika and the alleged carrying of Fetty’s seed story has been cold for a couple weeks but Masika has decided to heat things back up and publicly demand Fetty take a paternity test.

According to TMZ, Masika had papers drawn up on Fetty to submit to a paternity test. In the papers, she explains that from June 28th to July 15th, she and Fetty had “sexual relations on numerous occasions”. She also stated that during that time as well as 4 months prior, Fetty was her only partner.

But let’s get to the real, as sad as it is when it comes to a rich man and a baby mama, it’s all about the money. Masika wants Fetty to start paying for pregnancy costs as well as child support when the baby comes. In addition to that, she lists monthly expenses she wants Fetty to foot the bill for including $2,000 for clothes, $4,500 for rent and $820 for a housekeeper.

Masika also wants full physical and legal custody of the child as well.

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