“Chi-raq” director and producer Spike Lee has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders as his presidential candidate of choice. The announcement comes in a pretty legit way, via a new radio ad.

In the ad, Lee alludes to Sander’s support for civil rights issues and his history of taking stances in social protests. In typically Spike Lee fashion, he starts out by telling his honest opinion about the system:

This is your dude, Spike Lee. And you know that I know that you know that the system is rigged! For too long, we’ve given our votes to corporate puppets. Sold the okie-doke. 99 percent of Americans were hurt by the Great Recession of 2008, and many are still recovering.

It seems as if Lee is really feeling the Bern because he even refers to him as his brother.

That’s why I am officially endorsing my brother, Bernie Sanders. When Bernie gets into the White House, he will do the right thing!

Listen to the ad below:

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Source: Complex

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