This is super adorable to watch. Meet 29-year-old Micheal Worthington and his four-year-old daughter, Asia. Micheal is a single father in Dallas, TX, and he loves to pamper his daughter.

On his Instagram page (@icemikelovesasia) you can see videos of him doing his daughter’s hair (he has perfected the bun) and even gives her pedicures. The best part about it is, he’s self-trained!

In an interview with Allure he said, “I enjoy showing I can do hair myself… If no female is around and we have to be somewhere, then how is it going to get done?”

Dope! Check out the heart warming videos of the daddy/daughter duo below.

Typical day before we leave the house. Now y'all know my favorite style is the "Bun" ?

A video posted by The Ice and Icyss Show ? (@icemikeloveasia) on

Almost 3 years ago. Look how little A was. Daddy's little girl forever. ?? ?

A video posted by The Ice and Icyss Show ? (@icemikeloveasia) on

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