Are you scared yet? You should be. Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus for the GOP with 42.2% of the votes. This victory comes after he secured New Hampshire and South Carolina for his party as well.

After his win in the south, Donald tweeted a less than stellar graphic and tweeting:

With every win, Trump gets closer and closer to securing the Republican vote and becoming the nominee making this a 50/50 chance of him actually securing presidency. Trump’s ideas and policy’s that he has proposed include putting a ban on Muslims I to the United States and building a wall to keep all of the immigrants out. He is even rubbing people who aren’t even American citizens incorrectly.British Prime Minister David Cameron called him “divisive, stupid and wrong” and Pope Francis said that building the wall is not a very Christian idea.

As far as the democratic hopefully a are concerned, Hillary Clinton beat out Bernie Sanders by securing 52.6% of the votes.

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