Kanye West (semi) released The Life of Pablo last week but he is still at the club playing songs we never heard.

Ye was a guest at Yo Gotti’s album release party for his new project The Art of Hustle at 1 Oak in Hollywood last night where he decided to play DJ. While controlling the music, Ye played never before heard songs for the audience. Supposedly one of the songs played featured British singer-songwriter Sampha which ran for about 7 minutes and featured a soulful chorus from Sampha and bars from Kanye.

Maybe Kanye has another deluxe version of his album up his sleeve? Who knows. Kanye may not even know. Ye also made sure to turn his Twitter fingers into trigger fingers and took his rant on the road. He took over the mic ranting about everything from Taylor Swift to TIDAL to fashion.

See for yourself. Watch all videos below.

Y’ALL ACT LIKE… #MADEat1Oak A video posted by Sean Dickerson (@sean_dickerson) on


‘DISRESPECTING Y’ALL GODS! #MADEat1Oak #supremeclientele #Tuesdays A video posted by Sean Dickerson (@sean_dickerson) on


OUTTA RESPECT, I AIN’T GONNA PUSH THE BUTTON… #MADEat1Oak A video posted by Sean Dickerson (@sean_dickerson) on


A video posted by Sean Dickerson (@sean_dickerson) on

And then… In the end… The new music came #MADEat1Oak #MyFootageSoCrispy #TuesdaysBelongToUs A video posted by Sean Dickerson (@sean_dickerson) on

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