Oh, what a tangled web Sage has weaved… Just days after getting his Jodeci, “baby I’m Beggin’, baby I’m beggin’, beggin'” on, Sage reached out to his ex, Curium and Curium is being messy.

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Curium recorded a recent photo call with Sage where he referred to her as the “one that got away,” and basically disrespected both his exes, Jordin Sparks and Kaylin Garcia.

He claimed that both relationships were PR stunts and he really tried his best to impress his ex by slamming Jordin throughout the convo. In 20-minute phone call between Sage and Curium, the “Gas Pedal” rapper says all types of ridiculous (and scary) things about his Jordin, from having wanted to stab her to calling her boring.

I don’t know much about dating, but I’m sure if he really wanted Jordin back, slamming her to his mixxy, messy, former jailbird ex girlfriend isn’t the route to go.

Oh well… Listen to the phone call in the video below.

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