First Lady Michelle Obama is doing what she does best: Being great.

In her latest proof of the fact that she is a modern-day superhero, Mrs. Obama teamed up with The White House to ensure that e-books are accessible to children and teachers in the U.S.

On Wednesday, she officially launched the “Open eBooks” app. This app will allow educators, students and administrators at one of the 60,000 Title 1 schools, 194 Department of Defense Education Activity schools and any special education teachers to access thousands of free books from their smartphones or tablets.

In the video below, Michelle Obama had this to say:

“For so many of us, books opened our minds to a world of possibility. Unfortunately, right now, millions of children in America don’t have that chance because they don’t have adequate access to the books they need to learn and dream. The new Open eBooks app will change that.”

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Keep up the great work, FLOTUS.

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