This might be one of the best #TBT’s Hip Hop has ever had.

Today (Feb. 25), super-producer Mannie Fresh released a new single.  It’s been a while since we’ve heard Mannie spit on a track.  After the 2009 release of “My Hood” with B.G. and Gat, he mostly worked behind the scenes.  But, today, he dropped a new hit called “Hate,” that is reminiscent of the Cash Money glory days with Juvi, Wayne and Baby.

In a new statement, Mannie said:

“One word to describe this track: Bawesome—because I’m a boss and I’m awesome.  I’ve put a lot of effort into making this track happen. I’ve always been the liaison between these guys, they took my word and put their trust in me in bringing everyone together for this hot track. You definitely can expect more from this project I’m about to drop with Mass Appeal Records. This is just the foreplay, you can expect the eargasm later.”

Though Wayne and Baby have had their legal and personal troubles in the past year, the duo seem to be making more steps toward becoming a “father and son,” again.  Reportedly, Wayne is still suing Cash Money Records for the money they owe him, but after reuniting at parties and performances, Baby and Weezy are on better terms than before.

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