For some time now, Ebro has expressed his opinion that 50 Cent’s beef with Ja Rule divided New York hip-hop for quite some time, as it divided all of the other rappers in the city, and made other artists from outside of the city choose sides as well. We’re finally JUST bouncing back, but for whatever reason, 50 wanted to revisit the topic today. Is it because he’s going through some other personal problems? We don’t know, but we’re here now.

Taking to Instagram this morning, 50 posted a photo of Ebro with the caption:

“This Guy said I destroyed New York HipHop because I didn’t work with New York artist, to cover up he was the program director that wouldn’t play there records. sMH.”

Ebro then responded with a post of his own, and added a few words on air as well. Check out the exchange below.

@ebroski responds to @50Cent post (Part 1) #EbroInTheMorning

A video posted by Ebro In The Morning @HOT97 (@ebrointheam) on

@ebroski responds to @50cent Insta post! (Part 2)

A video posted by Ebro In The Morning @HOT97 (@ebrointheam) on

"What else you got" – @ebroski To @50Cent #EbroInTheMorning

A video posted by Ebro In The Morning @HOT97 (@ebrointheam) on

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