The best part of the any awards show isn’t the actual ceremony, it’s the gift bags! Each year the academy gives out tons of goodies in their gift bags, from vacations to herbal lollipops to diet pills (that’s kinda rude, no?). This year is no different.

TMZ has the inside scoop on this year’s goodie bag:

GBK, the fancy event planning firm that gives away high-priced Oscars swag every year, is posting up at the London Hotel. This year they’re providing $20,000 worth of freebies which includes some low key items — a $130 3D printing pen, and $15 vegan gum.

The big ticket swag though, is the $8,000 trip for 2 to St. Martin, and a $1,500 laser treatment… to burn fat around your abs. Seriously. There’s also an $8,000 coupon to a Beverly Hills vision center.

So, while everyone might not win the gold statue, the trip to St. Martin will surely ease the pain. The Oscars are hosted by Chris Rock and will air Sunday, Feb. 28 on ABC.

Source: TMZ

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