Back in January, five Brooklyn teens were accused of gang raping a woman at a local park in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Initial reports claimed the teenage boys had approached a man and his daughter drinking at night in a Brooklyn playground. The teens then allegedly ordered the man away at gunpoint before gang raping the 18-year-old woman in public.

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The five boys, ranging from the ages of 15-17, were quickly arrested, two of them turned in by their own parents. Days after their arrest, four out of five of the teens were released without bail due to lack of evidence as Brooklyn District Attorney, Ken Thompson continued to investigate.

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Prosecutors announced that they were dropping all of the charges against the five teens after the woman and her father had provided inconsistent and unreliable stories. There was also a cellphone video that supported the boys statement that the sex was consensual. The most bizarre and disturbing part of this case is that the rumors of the father “engaging in sexual conduct” with his own daughter when the incident began, were indeed true.

Once the police confronted the father and daughter, they admitted that there was no gun and the woman admitted that she had consented to the group sex. The father and daughter also admitted to drinking alcohol and having sex with one another, according to the New York Times.

Charges against the father for incest will not be filed because his daughter would not cooperate with investigators.

Source: NYT

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