The news came last year that Sony was going to adapt the 70’s sitcom, Good Times, into a feature film but the original cast as been left out of the script.

Its been 40 years since the iconic show taking us into the lives of Florida and James Evans’ struggling to raise their three kids in a Chicago project filmed but the re-runs can still be found on several television networks.

Ella Rolle, who played Florida Evans, has passed away but the remainder of the cast, John Amos, Ja’Net Dubois, Jimmy Walker, Bernadette Stanis and Ralph Carter are asking fans to help fund their adaptation of ‘Good Times’ as a reunion movie project.

There adaptation of ‘Good Times’ will have nothing to do with Sony’s whose is currently already in the works. While you may think it would be easy for the originsl cast to raise money, they have only managed to raise $8,470 as of Feb.29th. There goal is a bit of a reach tho, they are hoping to raise $1 million.


In the original Kickstarter campaign, the original cast of Good Times states:

“We need your help. From the day we walked off the set of Good Times, forty years ago, all we have heard is  When are you going to have a Good Times reunion? Our audience have told us they need completion. They tell us we are not finished with the first Black T.V. family show. What happened? We want to see our favorite family show back on T.V. Well, here it is a chance to make that happen. We as a cast have always said maybe one day, we will have a reunion. That one day is here now. It is not just up to us, it is up to our millions of fans who have the power to make it happen. During these forty years as a cast we have been giving a numerous amount of scripts that were written about what happened to the Evans’ family. The ideas are countless, but as a group we have made a decision on where each character should go  and what this long awaited script should be about. We are bursting at the seems to bring this exciting movie to you. All that we can tell you at this point is that it will be exactly what you expect from us and more.”

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