In Anaheim, California, members of the Ku Klux Klan were arrested after a brutal beat down in which police now say the Klansmen were acting in self defense, according to The Associated Press.

Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt says that five KKK members were released but seven other people remain in custody because they were seen stomping, beating and attacking the Klansmen with wooden posts.

The brawl is said to have begun when six Klan members game to a protest where 10 to 20 protesters where gathered for a anti-immigration rally. The Klansmen stabbed three of the protesters and used knives and the end of a flagpole as weapons.

The police statement for the case read:

“Regardless of an individual or group’s beliefs or ideologies, they are entitled to live without the dear of physical violence and have the right, under law, to defend themselves when attacked.”

Although the Klansmen were released, it isn’t completely over yet. the AP notes that prosecutors plan to review the case and determine wether criminal charges need to be filed. As for the seven protesters still behind bars, they were booked for assault with a deadly weapon or elder abuse for stomping out an elderly Klansmen.

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