President Obama is spending his last year as president wisely. According to CBS, Obama kicked off his Computer Science For All Plan, an initiative created to improve computer science literacy, at a California high school earlier this month.

In February, Megan Smith, President’s chief technology officer, traveled to Skyline High School in Oakland to sit in on computer lab classes. CBS reports that Smith, former Google VP, told students that understand computer science would open up 600,000 jobs for them in the technology sector, which happen to be some of the highest paying jobs in the country.In addition, following the S.T.E.M (science, technology,engineering and math) education, it would allow for students to put technology behind all their passions like social justice. Oakland Major, Libby Schaaf, who also attended Skyline High School, echoed Smith’s sentiment by saying:

“The President picked Skyline to launch a national initiative because he knew this city would unleash the amazing talents and innovations you all have”.

The President is asking Congress for $4 billion for the states and $100 million for the school districts, which would bring minority and low income students into new technology. The imitative would reach every K-12 classroom and as well as all the benefits listed above, it teaches students to become creators of technology not just consumers.

According to CBS, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif) who holds a seat on the House Committee of Appropriations, promises to support the funding of this initiative.

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