Dr. Dre surprised us all when he released last year’s triumph album, Compton. And lucky for fans, it seems as though Dre isn’t ready to pump the breaks anytime soon. Just months after the release of Compton, Dre is reportedly in the lab once again, cooking up some new music.

Anderson .Paak, who recently signed to Aftermath and recently collaborated with Dre on Compton, let it slip during an interview with BBC that Dre was up to something:

“He’s working right now, doing a lot of work right now. I can’t really speak on it.”

Now so fast, though! .Pakk also added that just because he’s working on material doesn’t mean we will ever see it…”

“It was so quick [recording with Dre], 80/90 percent of what I did was used and then it was out. That’s not usually the case with Dre. A lot of people who work with Dre, you’re lucky if anything sees the light of day. It was a blessing to have all that stuff go to market at the pace it did. It’s cool to be able to work with him at this place in his career when he’s just ready to go.”

So should be keep our ears open for more Dre music to come? Who knows. But in the meantime, you can read between the lines and possibly draw your own conclusion from the Anderson .Paak interview below.

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