The beef between Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea has been going on for close to five years and it all started with a name.

Azealia Banks claimed that Iggy Azalea stole her name and became popular from it. A couple of years later, Banks accused Iggy of capitalizing off of culture appropriation. Iggy clapped back by calling Banks “miserable” and “attention seeking.” But just when we thought the beef died down and the two girls went their separate ways, Banks reminds us that the beef is on… Forever *Cardi B. Voice* …or at least until Iggy changes her name.

In a tweeted and now deleted rant, Banks vowed to destroy Iggy if she didn’t change her name. She claimed Polow the Don and several others told her that Iggy jacked Banks name purposely, and this all stems from Iggy’s new interview in Elle, where she mentions her beef with and disdain for Banks.

Iggy has yet to replied. Peep the rant below.



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