It’s safe to say, Drake changed the game. Bare with me on this bold statement. Love him or hate him, denying the fact that he transformed the voice of radio and brought “vibey,” sing-song hip-hop to the commercial forefront yet again, would be like, well, denying the fact that Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” was an international sensation in 2015. Sure, stylistically, there’s some differences and yea, Drake wasn’t the first artist to sing on a hip-hop record, but tell me Drake didn’t pave the way for the artists to be “cool.” Feel free to disagree.

Nevertheless, here we are in the first week of March and it looks like Drizzy may have signed yet another R&B act to his label, OVO Sound. Earlier this week, OVO co-founder, Noah “40” Shebib, posted DVSN’s division sign logo on his Instagram. That’s how you know it’s real, people. It’s on the GRAM!

Here’s the thing – we don’t know much yet, and it’s all rumored speculation; HOWEVER, some pretty key people in the OVO inner circle have referenced the artist. Complex recently reported that DVSN’s music can be found on iTunes and is currently listed under OVO Sound/Warner Brothers, and OVO producer Nineteen85 (who’s actually rumored to be the voice behind the act,) has also tweeted out a DVSN reference. Their IG remains pretty secretive as well but boasts that falsetto with 15 second snippets that is sure to get the industry’s attention. A Drizzy cosign sure don’t hurt the situation either.

DVSN would join the likes of Drake’s already pipes-driven roster including Majid Jordan, PartyNextDoor and iLoveMakonnen. Sample some of their music below and let us know your thoughts!

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Stayed tuned to for more updates!

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