Kanye West has been practicing what he preaches in his rants. During one of his epic rants of the last month, Ye said he wanted to do away with sales numbers and charts. The Life Of Pablo didn’t chart after its exclusive release on TIDAL on Feb. 14, but the reason why is simple.

TIDAL released a statement to The Verge saying “it does share streaming data with Nielsen Music unless requested not to by an artist.” According to TIDAL’s data, The Life Of Pablo was streamed over 100 million times, by Billboard and Nielsen’s new streaming rules, that would’ve been the equivalent of 64k sold. That would’ve easily put Ye in Billboard’s top 10.

TIDAL has been going through a slew of changes since going public almost a year ago. This week has brought the firing of the CFO Chris Hart and COO Nils Juell, and rumor has it that the streaming service is looking to move their operations from Oslo, Norway to New York City.

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Here’s to Turbo Grafx 16 possibly getting a traditional release.

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