Zoe Saldana is playing Nina Simone in the new biopic called Nina. The movie is  the about the jazz singer Nina Simone and her relationship with Clifton Henderson.  There has been some controversy surrounding this biopic due to Saldana being a Latina.  People were in up and arms that a African American woman was not  casted for the role of Nina Simone.

In the cover photo of the film Saldana was wearing dark toned make up and a fake nose. Reportedly, people considerded the photo to be Black Face.  Zoe Saldana’s co-star in the film David Oyelowo who plays Clifton Henderson shares that people are going to appreciate Saldana’s portrayal of Nina Simone.

“I think a lot of people are going to be surprised of the sheer power of her. She went to work. She is a huge admirer of Nina Simone and that crept into what she did. She wanted to tell the truth and every day we were on that set, that’s what I saw.”

Saldana has commented on the backlash she has received from being casted for the role.

“People are going to want to outcast you and put you someplace and it’s like, you can have any opinion about it, and that is fine, as long as you understand that it’s going to come second to how I feel about myself. I was already a part of this project and my priority was Nina, and the love that I feel for this woman, for her music and what she left us. Let’s all give ourselves a chance to watch it and then make a decision.”

The move will be released in theaters on April 22nd.  Watch the trailer below.


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