After Donald Trump won seven out of the 11 states holding primaries on Super Tuesday, many Americans were left scratching their heads.

In addition to being baffled by the huge political win by what many believe to be a political joke, some Americans grew concerned over the real threat and possibility of Donald Trump becoming President.

With that, many began to explore other living options– such as moving to Canada.

In a very real breaking of the Internet, the Canadian site for Immigration and Citizenship received so much traffic between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning that some experience difficulty with navigation due to the traffic.

In addition to overloading the Immigration and Citizenship site, Google reported a 350% surge in searches for ‘How Can I Move to Canada’ following the Trump victories.


Bernie Sanders Wants Mandatory National Database For Police Killings

The next round of primaries are set to be held on Mar. 5 in Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Nebraska. Please make sure you’re registered to vote and be sure to confirm your nearest eligible polling station!

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