At least the late Sandra Bland will receive some justice! Texas State Trooper, Brian Encina was indicted for perjury involving the Sandra Bland case and was recently fired from his position as a state trooper.

Texas State Trooper Brian Encina To Be Indicted For Sandra Bland Case!

The controversial death of Sandra Bland caused quite a stir in 2015. Bland was pulled over and arrested over a traffic stop and three days later was found to be hanged in her prison cell from an alleged suicide. After her death a jury decided not to indict anyone at the Waller County Jail for Bland’s death but the jury would reconvene in January to decide to indict other people on other charges related to the case.

The grand jury would later decide to indict officer Brian Encina on perjury charges because he lied about the events that happened when he pulled over Bland. Encina would claim that Bland was “uncooperative and combative”, which the jury found to be false. He also claimed to remove Bland from her vehicle in order to continue with the traffic stop, which the jury also found to be false.

Encina could face a maximum fine of up to $4000 and a year in jail. According to Encina’s official termination letter, he was fired for not “rebutting the charges” and he also has the right to appeal the charges.

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