A South Carolina teacher was pressured into resigning when a failing student stole her phone and shared a naked picture of her via social media. Nope, this isn’t the plot of a movie.  This actually happened.

Crazy. right?

33-year-old Leigh Anne Arthur teaches mechatronics, which Buzzfeed writes is a “multidisciplinary field of engineering,” at Union County High School.  Arthur tell’s Buzzfeed News that she stepped out to patrol the hallway for a couple of minutes and it was then that a student went into her phone which didn’t have a passcode and was left unattended on her desk.

After class, the student comes up to her and says, “Your day of reckoning is coming.” Say what? That would have been the perfect time to insert the Nick Young face.

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But knowing kids will be kids, she thought nothing of it. It was later that Arthur found out the student had taken the nude photo she has taken for her husband on Valentines day and shared it on social media.

She told Buzzfeed News that she felt “mad and violated” because that’s her privacy and “it definitely hurt”. Of course the school would get involved in some type of way, but it wouldn’t be in Arthur’s favor. She was being asked by the superintendent to resign. Arthur says the reason he asked for her resignation was because she “had inappropriate material” on her phone and that she made it “easily accessible to students”.

In a statement to Buzzfeed News, superintendent Eubanks had this to say:

“One of the most critical responsibilities that a classroom teacher has is the supervision of students. In this particular case there was a breakdown in the classroom in that most critical area. Evidence and statements indicate that the teacher was not where she should have been at the time the incident occurred. As a result, a student accessed inappropriate material on her phone, sent it to others, and as a result also may also be severely punished by law enforcement as well as the school district. This is a case where a staff member, properly supervising students, could have prevented a very serious problem.”

Arthur went along with on Feb. 24 but then tried to take her decision back saying she emotional when the decision was made. As for the student, Buzzfeed reports that the students phone is on police custody and has been sent to State Law Enforcement for a forensic inspection of the data.

Arthur notes that the student gas yet to punished. She stands by her actions saying that everyone has inappropriate material on their phones and it’s okay to have a passionate relationship with their husband.

Arthur is absolutely right. Plus she had a life outside of school and she’s only 33 so we should hope that she is sending popping pics to her man. But it is 2016 and she should have had a lock on her phone but who would anticipate a student going out of his or her way to do something as crazy as that while Arthur stepped out into the hallway? No one.

There is a petition circulating on Arthur’s behalf rallying for her to get her job back. It has over 2,300 signatures so far.

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