Adidas released its 2015 annual report which included rave reviews of Kanye West’s latest fashion line, Yeezy 3. “The collaboration with Kanye has elevated our brand perception in the U.S. and beyond,” said Hubert Hainer, CEO of adidas.

The brand, according to Hainer will continue to push the Yeezy brand, especially Yeezy Boosts. Hainer said, “The shoe is making adidas stand for something unique.” And unique is definitely something that Kanye is, which makes him the perfect match for the clothing apparel company.

The boost of the adidas brand was primarily seen in America, which shows how much of an influence the creative genius is on culture and society in the United States. In the fourth quarter of 2015, adidas’ numbers jumped by 15 percent with $4.5 billion in sales, including 12 percent growth in North America alone.

“Our 2015 performance is a picture-perfect example of a successful comeback in sport,” Hainer said.

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Source: Complex

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