Katt Williams’ erratic behavior has been all the buzz this week. During Sunday’s Oscars, William started a one-sided beef with fellow comedian Kevin Hart and he was arrested for being involved in a few assaults.

After staying low for a few days, Katt went to V-103 and made a surprise appearance on the Big Tigger show in Atlanta. Williams apologizes to Tigger (he made some comments towards the TV/radio host this week) and Kevin Hart on the air for the comments he made. In the same breath, Williams insulted another comedian.

“I also want to humbly apologize to Kevin Hart. The fact that he’s a black male like me, and the fact that I attacked him with such vitriol, at such a time when our country is already divided in every way it could be divided, racially, politically, economically, socially, religiously. The fact that I, while being on stage pretending to be higher than that, would then stoop down and try to embarrass Kevin Hart in front of his children and loved ones, after all the work he’s done since 2002, is just regrettable on my part, so I humbly apologize to, not only Kevin Hart, but to Hartbeat Productions, the Plastic Cup Boys, and anyone associated with Kevin Hart.”

“Having said that, I didn’t make a total mistake. I meant to cut the snake, but I meant to cut the head of the snake. So my special will no longer be in Philly, it will be in New York at the Barclays, where I cut off the head of Chris Rock: Stepin Fetchit Coon Number One.”

“Step in’ Fetchit Coon Number One”…. Yikes. I don’t see Rock responding, but hey, whatever helps Katt Williams be the best Katt Williams he can be! You can peep the entire interview above.

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