The New York Knicks, just like the Philadelphia 76ers, probably won’t make it to the NBA playoffs. For the Knicks to make it to the playoffs, they would have to win every single game left in the regular season — that would be a stretch. The burden of consistently losing is taking a toll on Knicks star, Carmelo Anthony.

During a media session, Carmelo expressed the struggle of watching his friends, such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul have so much success individually and with their teams, that it’s hard to not want that too. “I don’t think envy is kind of the right word,” Carmelo said. “I do look at my peers and say, ‘Damn, what am I doing wrong? I should be there.’”

He also brought up his long, but successful NBA career and how his peers might have been feeling or going through what he is dealing with now. “There was one point in time where they were looking at me like that. Made [the playoffs] 10, 11 years straight. Right now, it’s kind of a rough patch for me. I’m trying to figure out a way to get out of it.”

For some time now, there have been trade rumors in regard to Melo and the Knicks, but seeking out a trade in the off-season may just be the move for him to get back to where he used to be. As of right now, Carmelo has a no-trade clause, but he could waive it if given a good opportunity.


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Source: Complex

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