Whether due to his excessive celebrations on the field or his tendency to rub folks outside of NFL locker rooms the wrong way with his words, former NFL great and wide receiver Terrell Owens sounded off recently about being snubbed from enshrinement into Hall of Fame.

“Yeah, in my mind I think my stats speak for themselves,” Owens said in an interview with Complex Magazine when asked if he’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer. “A lot of people that are weighing in with the character issues and the way that I celebrated, and the way some feel like I didn’t get along with some of my teammates and things like that but there are a number of guys in the Hall of Fame right now that have done far worse things that I have,” he added.

But former wide receiver Marvin Harrison, who spent his entire career as Peyton Manning’s primary target with the Indianapolis Colts, dismissed the notion of Owens getting into the Hall of Fame during a recent interview on Talk of Fame Sports Network. With the possibility of he and Owens splitting the vote, which would deny them entry into the Hall of Fame, Harrison told the network that he wasn’t concerned, nor did it bother him that he had to wait until his third attempt to get in.

“The person who was supposed to get in got in. And that was me,” Harrison said. “If he didn’t get in, that’s his problem.” The eight-time Pro Bowler also said that he “wasn’t concerned” with Owens making it in, and that his main concern was about himself.

And while Owens did acknowledge the 2016 class, he admitted that he would have been more surprised had he made it in due to how people have perceived him and his antics.

“I’m used to it,” he said. “What I’ve done throughout my career speaks volumes.”

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