Here’s what happens when Donald Trump attempts to “Make America Great Again.”

This is real life, people. Sure, it’s not 1952 anymore, but are we really where we should be in 2016?

Not at all.  Recently, a video surfaced of a young black girl being pushed out of a Trump rally.  People were literally putting their hands on her.  And one of the men who was a part of it all got exactly what he deserved.

Wednesday afternoon, Marine hopeful Joseph Pryor was “no longer welcomed to join” one of the branches of America’s protection.  Why? Well, as we can see above, Pryor took part in the assault and harassment of black woman and then bragged about it on his Facebook page.

The Marine Core released a statement, saying:

“Joseph Pryor demonstrated poor judgement in the use of social media that associates him with a racially charged altercation at a political rally.”

They continued…

“Hatred toward any group of individuals is not tolerated in the Marine Corps and is being discharged…”

Later, at the same Trump Rally, a Hispanic Mother and daughter were verbally assaulted by supporters and told things such as, “Go back to your country,” and “It’s getting late to cash that welfare check.” All of this was caught on cell phone video.  Cell phone video that was screen shot and posted on Pryor’s FB page and multiple police reports have since been filed.

If there’s one thing we can thank Donald Trump for in this presidential election year, it’s that he’s shining a light on the racism in America that still exists.  America, or Amerikkka, would like to remain ignorant to and just simply brush our major issues under the rug.

While Mr. Trump believes he is being “honest,” he is giving the American public permission under their first amendment rights to voice their hate.  And many of us thank you for that.

Story compliments of New York Daily News.

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