The charismatic creative genius hasn’t remixed a track in a while. After recently expressing his love for Kanye’s “Freestyle 4”, he decided to jump on Ye’s beat and completely destroy it during a studio session with Asap Rocky. Rocky’s vocals are throughout the remix saying things like “Why the fuck ni**as actin like ni**as aint the originators of this shit”. Tyler delivers a full course meal of bars and relentlessly vents his frustrations on today’s rappers with rhymes like

“Ni**a what you stand for?
Everybody lean everybody gang tho
nigga you a new slave I’m a old one
thanks to Ben Yang still walking around with chains on”

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Asap Rocky and Tyler The Creator have been spending a lot of time in the studio. Does this mean there’s a possibility of a joint project? A project that huge could be as big as the highly anticipated collab album from K Dot and Cole that was rumored to drop in February. Who Knows what’s next. All we know is Rocky and Tyler are clearly having ton’s of fun in the studio.

Tyler and Rocky at the studio #snapchat #lordilord1 #asaprocky #tylerthecreator

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