Finally Uber is getting some good press. Studies have shown that since Uber was invented, the number of DUIs have decreased by ten percent. This is according to data which says Uber’s decreased DUIs by 10 percent in Seattle.

Today’s teens have been found to be drinking and driving less nationally, so we can safely assume Uber has had an effect outside of Seattle as well. According to a survey published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report out of teens ages 16 to 20 only 6.6 percent reported drinking and driving in 2014. That’s more than a 50 percent decrease compared to the 16.2 percent of teens who said they did drive under the influence in 2002.

Using publicly available drunk driving data (and non-alcoholic DUI data) from arrest data of Seattle police departments. Findings show Uber decreased -.7 DUIs daily with a 10 percent decrease in total as the chart below illustrates. This gives way to what they now call the “Uber effect.”


ABC said

“As a first step, we estimated a simple regression discontinuity that tested whether the incidence of DUI changed in Seattle before and after Uber entered, controlling for a time trend, day of the week effects, and the legalization of marijuana (which seems to have caused a spike in DUI”.

To confirm it was Uber that had created the DUI decrease and not just a random spur of people not driving under the influence, they studied and compared it to Uber’s effects on San Francisco’s DUI percentage. The “Uber effect” was still present.

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