The Katt Williams drama can’t stop, won’t stop. After trolling Kevin Hart and Chris Rock last week and also getting arrested, Katt Williams trolling reign just won’t let up.

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Last night the comedian’s bizarre actions at a Philadelphia nightclub caused him to get jumped out by several patrons. It was a pimp down, pimp in distress situation when Katt attended Beanie Sigel’s concert at Trocadero Theatre. In the video below, he’s seen doing pushups, then bouncing around on the side of the stage like he’s preparing for a dance battle. He then removes his hat and wrings it out like a soaking wet towel.

Katy must have seen a Kevin Hart or Chris Rock look-a-like in the crowd because moments later, he’s flying through the air like an acrobat, and sucker punching a random person in the crowd. Things escalated quickly from there, as the man’s friends all join in promptly stomping Katt to the ground!

Many speculate drugs to be the issue, but Katt’s girlfriend, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Hazel E denied that he uses any drugs. Katy also denied that it happened, even though it’s all on video.

Smh. Peep the videos below.

Long video:

Short video:

Katt’s response:

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