Are you still feeling the Bern? Bernie is. So are the democrats in Maine.

With the results that came in on Super Tuesday, it seemed far go assume that things were looking a bit slow for Bernie. At the Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan last night, Clinton was asked how she planned on beating Trump is she ends up getting the nomination. After Clinton spoke, Bernie made it real clear that we should not count him out. The democratic nominee hopeful said that he was nowhere near out of the race and that he actually just won Maine and he won by a lot.

After a little fact checking since the numbers are not fully in yet, Bernie had in fact won Maine by a little over 30%. To make the win even sweeter, the democratic turn out of voters was high.

While Bernie was not able to speak to Maine in person because of the debate, he thanked the state for it’s strong support and announced that this weekend alone, he won in Maine, Kansas and Nebraska.

The democratic primaries for Michigan and Mississippi will be held tomorrow.

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