Female rap duo, Salt N Pepa sat down with HOT 977’s JenBklyn to talk about being pioneers to women int he rap game, breaking barriers and femininity in the industry.

As the pioneers of women in rap, Pepa speaks on the legacy of Salt N Pepa, “We’re very proud of it. It’s a few people who don’t recognize the work and our contribution to hip-hop, but in the early stage, we pioneered this thing. We’re blessed to go platinum, then double platinum on our first album; back then when it was unheard of.”

As the first female rap act to ever do that, these women knew they couldn’t let anyone tell them, ‘no.’

“Pepa always said, we were pop before it was popular, and that was true,” said Salt. “We really did get a hard time in the beginning, but as strong women who had an agenda, we were focused, we were driven, and we would not let anything stop us.”

Watch the interview below:


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