“Reading my comments like….LOL,” Kim Kardashian-West wrote moments ago on Twitter, accompanied by the above photo. “I’m flattered some of u guys thought my post earlier was a recent pic! That was my blonde moment a year ago & 25lbs less! #MondayMotivation.”

Yes, Kim…because that was the real “LOL” factor and takeaway here, after you posted a completely naked mirror selfie in the early hours of a Monday morning, for no other reason than to satisfy your incessant cravings for attention. Who cares that you’re a mother, who cares that you run multiple businesses, who cares that you have a husband who should be the only one privy to that view, amiright? Let’s just show little girls and impressionable young women that it’s totally cool to just post naked pictures on any given Sunday Monday because, Kim Kardashian.

Thanks, Kim! Really setting the bar high here, aren’t ya?

P.S. And to be clear: we love a good troll here at Blame Ebro, and we love the beauty of a woman’s body and her confidence she wears with it even more. There is a line that can be crossed, however, and it gets into the red zone of “attention-seeking desperation.” We believe the reality starlet has completely set up a tent in said zone.

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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