One of the greatest players on the court spoke on one of the greatest rappers in the game. LeBron James who is great friends with Kendrick Lamar, took to the Uninterrupted video program to address what Kendrick’s album mean to him.

“Exciting times here for myself and for our team,” he says. “For me, just locking in even more. I’ve got an opportunity to listen to some music the last few days. And obviously a good friend of mine, Kendrick, blessed me with that album that just dropped. So I can lock in with that, use that as motivation going forward. So shoutout Kendrick, Top Dawg, everybody over there at TDE making that great music.”

James and his team the Cavaliers are heading into the NBA playoffs as top seed in the east and if they play as great as Kendrick’s last project, expect the Cavs to make some noise.

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