If you haven’t heard of St. Louis artist J.R., you might want to start brushing up on your knowledge because according to him 2016 is his year…and he may be right.

J.R. had a somewhat rough up bringing, his father was killed and J.R..’s mother gave him up at the age of five to a white foster family to be raised. Even though J.R. was being raised by a middle class family it still didn’t stop the future rap star from dabbling in the streets. “I was in the streets a lot, I was making my own money in the streets,”J.R. told BlameEbro. “But at the same time I’ve always been a business man, so I knew that, that wasn’t going to cut it forever.”

J.R. also had an outlet which was music. No matter what he was going through or happening to him, music brought J.R. through.  J.R. first started making his own songs at 14 and was in a group in St. Louis called the Hot Squad. He was with the Hot Squad from ages 14-18, after which, J.R. went solo and met Brian Johnson. Together they started crafting J.R.’s sound. “I met up with a person who’s doing music in St. Louis a long time before me, named Brian Johson, and I ended up signing to his independent label ” said J.R. “So when I signed to his independent label, me and B, we really sat down, we started perfecting my craft, getting my sound together.” Together Brian and J.R. would make the song “I’m Just Saying”  that would garner him the attention of Trey Songz which would lead to J.R.’s viral hit “Best Friend”  .

Now, since Best Friend with Trey Songz gained so much momentum, J.R. is promoting his E.P. Gang Season and getting ready to go full force to takeover for 2016. J.R. was grinding for a little over 10 years to make his music career pop, and now that he finally got his big break, he’s ready to go even harder. “2016 fittin to be a great year, we got a bunch comin’ up, tours, mixtapes, albums, everything. I’m gonna be in your face. So either get used to me or get sick of me.”


About The Author Erikka

Erikka is a NYC transplant by way of Philadelphia. She's a writer and media personality for The Radio Failed Podcast and has interviewed artists such as Mickey Factz, Dee1, and more!

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